On-Site Sludge Digestion with DO2E

Aerator Install at Scappoose WaHigh Volume Floating Aerator
The DO2E Patented High Volume Floating Aerators/Mixers are high-efficiency, all welded, heavy-duty PVC devices. These state-of-the-art aerators are designed to pull water from significant depths for aeration and mixing. On-site sludge digestion is greatly enhanced by drawing dormant sludge deposits off of the bottom of the lagoon and injecting them with heavy concentrations of dissolved oxygen. By operating with low-pressure (>2.5 P.S.I.) high-volume ambient airflow, these devices maximize oxygen transfer & energy efficiency. These units are scalable, multi voltage and can be modified to fit virtually any aeration & mixing application.

DO2E utilizes the latest “Green Technology” and continues to set the standards in the Aeration industry. Our products are designed to be as maintenance-free as possible. Constructed from 100% heavy-duty, marine grade PVC allows our units to withstand extreme temperatures and harsh environments encountered in virtually every wastewater application. In most installations, our clients have realized enhanced worker safety, maintenance cost reductions up to 95%, and energy savings of up to 80%. Our product line is the most energy efficient, maintenance friendly, and cost effective product introduced to the wastewater market in the past 40 years.

Worker Safety is greatly enhanced by virtually eliminating man entry into the lagoon. Since there are no moving parts to wear out, & the fact that it is secured in place by mooring ropes, there is no need for man entry into the lagoon. Since the blowers are land based, operate at low-pressure ambient temperature, and the power can be turned off and locked-out at the blower location, workers safety is further enhanced. The DO2E aerators were specifically designed for: worker’s safety, high oxygen transfer, high water volume movement, energy efficiency, and reduction in maintenance cost. Air supply is provided to each aerator via regenerative air blower placed at a remote location on land for easy access. With no electricity in or around the water and no moving parts, DO2E greatly reduces the worker’s exposure to risks associated with old and outdated aeration equipment used today. DO2E has designed and patented the safest and most environmentally friendly aerator/mixer on the market.

A unique feature of the Aerator system is its’ expandable capability for the delivery of various gaseous materials such as ozone, hybrid ozone with hydroxyl radicals, carbon dioxide, pure oxygen or other gases required to remediate various issues. This delivery method allows us to inject directly into the wastewater stream allowing for an effective and cost efficient means of direct treatment in order to address various issues such as on-site sludge digestion and odor control.

All units are designed to address various issues were aeration is required. The primary tasks and functions of the aerators/mixers are to aerate and de-stratify the water column with minimum energy consumption. Other tasks are completed simultaneously including: drawing from various water depths, breaking up sludge deposit into smaller particulates, de-stratifying the water column, producing high levels of dissolved oxygen and depositing solids into specific zones or areas. “Ozone,” is one of the strongest oxidants readily available & can be added to the units to address both recalcitrant particulates and noxious microorganisms, including a wide variety of pathogens. “Ozone” also causes the oxidation of sulfides for enhanced odor-control.
All DO2E Aerators draw water into the device by means of the Venturi effect with no bottom scoring or no negative effects to lagoon liners. Water is then expelled through the upper chambers. This process creates a vacuuming effect drawing sludge deposits into the process chamber where they are injected with high levels of oxygen or in some cases, ozone. This process greatly accelerates the digestion of heavy sludge deposits that are sitting dormant on the bottom of the pond or lagoon. Our patented aeration tubes are designed to deliver a unique combination or coarse, medium and fine bubbles which, when released at a specific depth, draws the water in through the bottom of the unit. Water is pulled upward being aerated all the while and redirected into a horizontal flow across the highly oxygenated upper portion of the water column.

How It Works
The Patented High Volume State of the Art Aerator injects high volume, low-pressure air through a specially designed multi chambered air manifold located at the bottom of the unit. This unit creates a surface current up to 3 knots for a distance of up to 100 ft.

Using a unique combination of coarse air and fine air bubble aeration, we are able to move high volumes of water (up to 24.1 million gallons per day), while at the same time transferring high volumes of dissolved oxygen throughout the water column. The fine air bubbles maximize the oxygen transfer while the coarse air bubbles provide the ultimate velocity.

The unique combination of coarse and fine air bubbles released at a specific water depth within a confined space allows for highly efficient aeration and mixing. The unit can operate in as little as 4’ of water and can draw from depths of up to 16’ of water.

• Increases Dissolved Oxygen
• High Volume Water Flow
• Reduces BOD & COD
• Reduces MOST Heavy Metals
• Reduces MOST VOC’s
• Reduces Ammonia
• Oxidizes Hydro Carbons
• Destratifies the Water Columns
• Reduces Energy Usage by up to 80%
• Reduces Maintenance Costs up to 85%
• Reduces Sludge Build-Up up to 75%
• Reduces Fecal Coli Form
• Reduces Pharmaceuticals
• Reduces H2S for Odor Control



Heavy-Duty Construction

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