Fats, Oil, Grease (FOG) and H2S Removal in Mississippi

A Simple Solution to a Major Problem

Meridian Mississippi; 14 mile force main with 3 – 12 ft. diameter pump stations.
Each station had heavy grease and rag mats 2 to 3 feet thick with H2S readings over
900 ppm.

At the advice of consultant Jim White, Mr. Hugh Smith director of Meridian Sewer
District installed 2 – 4hp DO2E Little John Digesters in each lift station.

According to Jim White, Meridians water treatment consultant, within 24 hours the
grease and rag mats were completely eliminated and after 4 weeks, the H2S gas
readings were down to < 5 ppm. It has been 11 months since the project was initiated
and there has been no reformation of grease, rags or H2S in any station or main.

“The DO2E Little John Digester greatly exceeded our expectations with
phenomenal results. Our collection crews and our plant operators are very
impressed at the performance and results of these Digesters,” said White.

The Digesters installed in 30 minutes with no retrofitting required. We were able to stop
all chemical feed to the stations resulting in cost savings of over $36,000 per year. We
have also noted significant reduction in line build up from FOG deposits.

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