Advanced Aeration

DO2E has established itself within the water and wastewater community as a leader in producing state of the art aeration equipment. DO2E is proud of our multiple patents and patent pending’s involving innovative Green Technology for all wastewater applications even including sensitive environmental remediation. Our unique technological advancements employ the use of low-pressure high volume ambient airflow along with unique combinations of course and fine air bubble aeration. All of our patented aeration equipment utilizes no moving parts and environmentally safe, marine grade material.

Oxidation through aeration is one of the main keys to any wastewater or environmental remediation challenge. Our technology is designed around NO moving parts, operating on low-pressure high volume airflow, made of 100% heavy duty PVC for extremely long work life, and virtually maintenance free. We are able to reduce energy cost by up to 80%, chemical cost by 100%, maintenance cost by up to 90% and odor control cost by 100%.

DO2E has discovered that by releasing a unique combination of course and fine bubble aeration within a confined space for a given period of time will significantly enhance oxygen transfer rates and maximize aeration efficiency. We have discovered how to harness the power, speed, and oxygen transferability from a single bubble therefore maximizing efficiency to achieve the highest oxidative state possible. We have also discovered how to significantly increase the velocity of water through our aeration equipment by taking advantage of the centrifugal configuration within our aeration chambers.

Our patent aeration equipment is designed to operate 24 / 7 and can transfer up to 2.85 #’s of oxygen / Hp / Hr. The DO2E aeration equipment is designed to destroy F.O.G. and matting on contact. All F.O.G. deposits are converted on contact to a composition that prevents them from ever reforming. While some of the F.O.G. is converted to Carbon Dioxide and Water, the remaining deposits are converted to tiny microscopic particulates referred to as a bio-soluble food source for the bacteria to consume.

DO2E is committed to designing and developing ECO Friendly & Innovative Green Technology to meet the environmental remediation challenges the world is faced with. As the world changes, DO2E will be there to help along the way. Call us today for a free estimate and let us remediate your wastewater issues.

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